Introducing a 9-day fortnight for our team

Here at Miyamoto we’re continuously looking for better ways to do things.

This mission applies to our projects and our people.

We want to create a culture of working smarter not harder. To provide our team with greater work/life balance, and the ability to work flexibly.

High-performing organisations across the world are reevaluating traditional workplace structure.

As a result, we’ve introduced a 9-day fortnight for our employees across New Zealand. Our first Friday off will be 19 November 2021 and then fortnightly thereafter.

Your project will be proactively and carefully managed to ensure there’s no disruption to work on the Friday’s we’re away. All of our team will remain available via email and mobile for any urgent queries that may arise.

The day off every fortnight represents a chance to step away from work and do something for ourselves. It’s a regular rest day, with no change to package or benefits for the team.

We’re excited see what our energised and focused team will continue build together.