We address problems relating to the built environment, using technical analysis to identify what went wrong and offer strategies to remedy these issues with our multidisciplinary team of structural and geotechnical engineers, licensed building practitioners (LPBs), registered building surveyors (NZIBS), 3D scanning technicians and network of highly skilled technical experts in New Zealand.

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Forensic Engineering
New Zealand

Failures in the built environment require a holistic approach.

Damage to man-made structures caused by natural disasters, construction negligence, foundation subsidence and defective works are just a few examples of what can go wrong. These issues often present a major challenge for property/asset owners. From architects and engineers to insurers and lawyers, consulting with a wide range of people can be time-consuming and costly and disagreements between experts can be frustrating.

Our diverse team of forensic engineers liaise closely with asset owners and all related parties to investigate and assess damaged structures, identifying causation and developing remediation strategies that meet accepted legal definitions and the required standard. Our unique approach has been adopted on thousands of structures including residential homes, commercial properties, large infrastructure and industrial sites throughout New Zealand.

We work with our clients through mediation or litigation on insurance claims relating to damage or defects with impartiality and act as expert witnesses in complicated cases. The mutual benefit of resolution is at the heart of our approach. We identify the underlying technical reason for the dispute and find pathways to transition from an adversarial environment into a cooperative one wherever possible.

Forensic Engineering | Miyamoto Engineers MZ
Forensic Engineering | Miyamoto Engineers MZ

Our services include:

• Client representation. • Inspection of structures/assets damaged by an event. • Analysis to determine the cause of damage. • Report writing and communication. • Investigation of liability claims, in construction. • Preparation of scope of work documents or remediation design. • Project management of design services. • Expert Witness for mediation or litigated cases. • Third opinion or leading facilitation of disputes between other experts.

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