BIM Lead, B/Tec HNC, B/Tec OND

heather feast miyamoto

Heather is Miyamoto’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) Lead. She has over 25 years’ experience in structural drafting both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Heather has deep technical expertise in a range of software programs, including Revit and AutoCAD. As the BIM Lead, she specialises in BIM360, which she credits with improving the final product delivered to clients. Heather believes this technology positively impacts the project experience – improving communication between parties and ensuring projects flow smoothly.

Heather’s strengths lie in her ability to coordinate and collaborate with team members and clients in a productive and efficient way. Her problem-solving abilities are crucial in ensuring successful project completion with minimal disruptions. An example is her work on QVV/The Carlin, where the use of large-scale 3D detailing removed the need for requests for information from Council at key milestones, and all potential clashes were identified and resolved before project submission.