Jitendra Bothara

Technical Director - Seismic Engineering

  021 949 117
FENGNZ, FNEA, CPEng, IntPE (NZ)Jitendra is our Technical Director of Seismic Engineering and a Chartered Professional Engineer. He has over 25 years’ experience and expertise in the development of building codes and regulations, design and construction of earthquake-resistant structures, disaster risk management and planning, and capacity building in earthquake-resistant design and construction has taken him to multiple places around the world to affect disaster risk reduction.As a widely experienced and acknowledge expert in his field, Jitendra has led numerous teams in post-earthquake building safety evaluation and reconstruction. He was co-team leader of New Zealand Padang Earthquake Assistance Project Team for building safety evaluation in Padang, Indonesia after October 2009 Padang Earthquake under funding from New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID). He worked on development of a format for earthquake damaged building classification. The formats and classification was later used after the Christchurch earthquake sequence. He also worked as a core team member for building evaluation after the Christchurch earthquake sequence and worked on assessment of critical buildings.Jitendra extensively contributed for building usability evaluation after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake by developing and delivered training on building usability evaluation to engineers for undertaking evaluations. After 2015 Nepal earthquake he visited Nepal to assist Government of Nepal for building assessment as part of a senior engineers’ team deployed by NZAID. He also co-led a team of senior structural, seismic engineers for capacity building by Nepali engineers under NZAID funding.He has worked as an international expert for Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) for UNDP as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Govt. of New Zealand), the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and DFID for reconstruction after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. He was a member of Technical Working Group, constituted by the Government of Nepal after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake to provide technical advice to government on reconstruction.


  • Structural seismic engineering
  • Expert advisor, expert witness and peer reviewer
  • Keynote expert speaker
  • Post-disaster needs assessment
  • Building code assessment & advisor
  • International Government and Non-Profit Organisation consultant

Vulcan Lane, Auckland

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