Kit Miyamoto

Principal - Miyamoto International

Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., S.E., leads Miyamoto International, a global earthquake structural engineering company, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, a non-profit technical organization and is a California Seismic Safety Commissioner. Dr Miyamoto was the recipient of the National Council of Structural Engineers Association's Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, ENR Best Global Projects Award and ASCE Humanitarian Award. He is a Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers. He specialises in high-performance earthquake engineering, disaster mitigation, response and reconstruction.


  • High-performance earthquake engineering
  • Disaster, response, reconstruction & mitigation
  • Seismic safety

Ghuznee Street

Nepal Disaster Relief

Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., Amir SJ Gilani, Ph.D. and Akira Wada, Ph.D. (2008) "Survey of Damaged School and Hospital Buildings in the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquakes, Retrofit Options, and Application to Turkey"