Mohamad Kamali

Mohamad Kamali

Mohamad Kamali is a seasoned Senior Geotechnical Engineer with a robust academic background and extensive industry experience. Holding a BSc in Civil Engineering (2008) and an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering (2011), Mohamad currently serves as a key member of the Miyamoto NZ team.

In his role, Mohamad spearheads geotechnical investigations, conducts soil-structure analysis, designs deep foundations and retaining walls, and carries out pile dynamic analysis (PDA). His proficiency in Finite Element modeling using ABAQUS is instrumental in providing in-depth soil-structure interaction analysis, ensuring optimized structural designs.

Mohamad’s collaborative approach is evident in his close collaboration with both geotechnical and structural teams to seamlessly integrate data and design aspects, resulting in efficient and effective project outcomes. His expertise in Python, ABAQUS, and ETABS facilitates software integration, enhancing project analysis capabilities.

Throughout his career, Mohamad has made significant contributions to company success through his commitment to adding value to projects. Notable career milestones include obtaining certification in Dynamic Measurement and Analysis from PDCA & PDI (2014), presenting insightful speeches at international conferences, and publishing articles on geotechnical topics.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Mohamad finds joy in spending quality time with family and friends, exploring the natural wonders of New Zealand, engaging in strategic video games, savoring barbecue delights, and enjoying refreshing swims. With his deep understanding of soil behaviors and passion for continuous learning, Mohamad continues to make invaluable contributions to the field of geotechnical engineering