Myanmar Rapid Vulnerability Assessment
International Development Work

Rapid Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritization of Critical Public Facilities

Location: Republic of Myanmar
Year: 2016
Client: World Bank

Miyamoto was commissioned by the World Bank to assist local strategies by conducting a rapid vulnerability assessment of the public buildings in Yangon, including schools, hospitals and cultural heritage buildings. Miyamoto is charged with identifying vulnerable structures and helping to determine the cost and scope associated with a follow-up DRR project.

The objective of assessing and then retrofitting vulnerable structures is to reduce the risk of injury and death in a design-level earthquake. Retrofit solutions produced will take into account local construction strategies and materials. A cost-benefit analysis correlating lives saved to the repair or replacement of schools buildings will also be conducted. Myanmar is highly vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters, ranking second on the global climate-risk index, and experiences an earthquake of magnitude 5 or greater on the average of four times annually.