The Carlin Hotel, Queenstown
Commercial / Geotechnical Engineering / Performance Based Design / BIM & 3D Scanning

The Carlin Hotel, Queenstown

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Project Duration: November 2019 – 2022
Client Team: QC Property Management

The Carlin is a boutique hotel comprising 7-storeys which are tiered into the hillside on Hallenstein Street, overlooking Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.

Miyamoto was engaged in November 2019 to undertake a geotechnical peer review of the retaining walls beneath the hotel structure, designed by others. Due to the professional advice and delivery of the engagement, Miyamoto was engaged as the Lead Structural Engineers for the development.

Our structural engineers developed a tiered system, keeping as much floor space as possible. All services are situated on the exterior of the building to bolster the living spaces in the rooms. The floors are detailed to be built as lightweight timber modules off-site which are then craned to site and placed in a cassette format within the steel frames. The challenge on this project was to make the structural design work within the constraints of the architectural drawings. Miyamoto and the project team collaborated to come up with solutions that would work for both the structure and the client. This resulted in no RFI’s from Council during the building consent process.

The site provided a significant challenge. The structure was required to interact with the large, terraced retaining wall system which creates the founding points.

Miyamoto designed unique column base systems for the upper terraces which have the ability to slide in the direction of the hill. This is to alleviate the possibility of large retaining forces being applied to the building should the wall and terraces flex downhill during a large seismic event.Miyamoto provided expert advice in other areas of the project such as timber cassette floor detailing and extraordinary temporary works designs through the build stage.

Through timely delivery of work and driving the project forward for the client, Miyamoto become a trusted advisor to the client. The hotel was completed and open for reservations in mid-2022.