Umair Siddiqui


MSc Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, BE (Hons) Civil

A man with black hair smiles at the camera. He's wearing a suit and there's a red tram blurred in the background.

Umair has over 14 years’ experience in structural engineering analysis, design and strengthening of structures with focus in seismic engineering in New Zealand, the Middle-East and Europe. His areas of practice include designing retrofit strategies for commercial and residential buildings, post-seismic damage evaluation and low damage design of structures.

Umair gained his experience in the design, construction methodologies and retrofitting of facilities including residential apartments and units, multi-storey mix-use commercial buildings, airports, base-isolated hospitals, reservoirs and spillways, buildings of heritage significance, explosion-resistant military facilities, on-shore structures for nuclear power-plants and industrial facilities.

As a senior engineer, he encourages the adaptation of resilient structural solutions to his clients and project stakeholders when designing or retrofitting their assets, with emphasis on continued functionality and asset protection.