Originally constructed circa 1908, Te Aro, the 5-storey heritage listed building at 60 Ghuznee Street, Wellington, was classified as earthquake prone following an initial seismic assessment by the Wellington City Council.

The building had previously undergone several alterations over the years, including modifications to the internal layout and front facade, the addition of a lightweight structure at roof level in 1955, which was further altered in 1993.

Our approach for the seismic strengthening design was to pinpoint the structural weaknesses and adopt a surgical approach to minimize intervention, cost and downtime.

The building has been proposed to be strengthened using state-of-the-art technology Buckling Restrained Braced frames to carry the seismic load. A geotechnical investigation showed that the underlying soil was competent and further analysis used to obtain realistic demand and capacity for the building after seismic retrofitting.

In addition to the engineering design, Miyamoto has provided a ‘Total Seismic Solution”, fully managing all other aspects of compliance, design and construction. This includes all testing, regulatory consents, bank funding, insurance, project management, contractor procurement and construction delivery.

After the upgrade, this multi-storey building in Wellington constructed over a century ago has been assessed to 100% NBS.


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Wellington, New Zealand
Aug 2014 – Present
Client Team
Ghuznee Street Investments