We are an innovative engineering and construction consultancy firm focused on commercial solutions that are practical and resilient, while effectively managing your risks. We provide integrated, streamlined services that are simpler, quicker and result in more cost effective outcomes overall. 

Heritage Building - 60 Ghuznee Street - Seismic Retrofitting

Building Earthquake Assessment, Strengthening + Repair60-Ghuznee-Streetthumb[1]

Gisborne Courts - District and High Court Extension

Commercial + Residential New BuildsGisborne Courts District

Boulcott Village Apartments

Commercial + Residential New BuildsBoulcott-2[1]

Project Stronger - Archdiocese of Wellington Property Portfolio

Building Earthquake Assessment, Strengthening + Repair, Consultancy ServicesProject Stronger

CCC Insurance Programme

Seismic EngineeringCCC Insurance Programme

Napier Building

Seismic EngineeringNapier Building

Masterton Courthouse

Seismic EngineeringMasterton Courthouse